2022-06-10 15s

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Tell me how much you love me. If you can prove to me that you are worth my time then maybe I will share with you the full unedited experience 😋


21+ years of age

Celebrating my 10th page on xtalkpics.

Nature is good sometimes at giving you a hand, or in my case a good hole to put my water bottle in. I was out for a lovely walk in the woods, hot sunny day and I took my water bottle with me. I was so thirsty that I drank the whole thing.

I was lost deep in this forest, it was nice and shaded from the sun and there were plenty of trees around. As if by luck, I saw a tree that had a big hole in it. I thought to myself, this would be a nice spot to rest for a bit. I decided to rest and put my bottle in this tree hole.

I stood back for a moment and then I had an idea. It was like looking at a urinal. It's as if nature wanted me to be dirty and pee in a bottle. I decided to ignore this for a bit, but I needed to go so much that I let nature win.

I was so lost in this forest and no one was around, but now I could finally be very dirty and let it out of me. Thank you tree for helping me pee in my water bottle.

Was the bottle enough to hold my full bladder?

[To tell the truth, it took me ages to do this video. I spent an hour looking for a tree that could hold the bottle, then also at the right height for me to pee in. I was starting to get hot and tired climbing up and down the hill in the sun but I was determined to find the right tree to do this video. I knew it would be worth the effort]


Q: I got your email address, now what?

A: Hi there 👋 Whatever you want 😏

Q: Will I get a quick response?

A: Go for it and find out.

Q: But... will you reply to me because I think I don't matter? 😕

A: You matter to me 😘

Q: Will you get to know me properly?

A: Probably, I find it impressive when individuals stand out and do something with their lives.
I find you interesting 😊


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Big tits blonde drinking yellow pee from a bottle

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Pretty quick pee drink under the tree

Homemade shaky pee stream in mouth in bath

18+ Watch A Tree Helped Me Pee In A Water Bottle

18+ Watch A Tree Helped Me Pee In A Water Bottle