2023-04-12 15s

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21+ years of age

A Solo Male, Peeing For You

Hi, I'm Mark . I'm a male and I produce Erotic Pee Fetish Videos on my own (I call them Wild Gems). I do them for those people that love to watch someone pee. I really hope you enjoy watching my content 📽

I drink a lot of water to stay healthy , so don't worry there is plenty of pee to go around. My favourite Wild Gem at the moment is Excellent Outdoor Peeing Under A Picnic Table

I Have A Pee Fetish, Do You?

I love doing pee videos for people like you, people that love to see the act of peeing . It all started many years ago. I would get into conversations that could get quite (very) sexual. One particular person really surprised me and introduced me to the naughty secret world of having a pee fetish. This amazing persons name was Emma Wild 😍

Emma Wild

Emma would want me to go to the toilet and film dirty pee videos for her. It made her happy and it felt so good doing them. This became our thing and we loved it. I am not in contact with Emma Wild anymore and I will always miss her, hence the name 'Wild Gem'.

If you would like to know more about my interest for her then you can check out my article on my life with Emma Wild 📖

Have you watched any of my videos? Feel free to let me know much you love them ❤

Barry Sidings, A Nice Place In Wales

So... I have never been to Barry Sidings at all before but I decided to go and have a little visit because it was such a lovely day. I have heard others mention it a few times 💬

A popular place, Barry Sidings Cafe lives here, something I should probably check out. Do you like the idea of me peeing in nature for you? 💦

A Beautiful Country Park

From doing some quick research online I discovered that it's a decently sized country park that has a target audience of mainly mountain bike enthusiasts. There is also a family friendly atmosphere that suits everyone and tons of bike tracks that go all over the park 🚲

The scenery and view through the forest was so beautiful. I knew right away that I needed to do a Wild Gem here. As I previously mentioned there are lots of bike trails, so I took a big step (climb) away from the main path. I went up these trails to get into the inner beauty of Barry Sidings 🌲

Are You A Thirsty Admirer?

As long as you are older than 20 years of age and pee is your thing, then you deserve to be rewarded the title of 'Thirsty Admirer'. It is my wish that I hope you please yourself as much as possible over my content. It doesn't matter what gender you are ❓



18+ Watch Beautiful Forest Peeing At Barry Sidings 🌲 A Male With A Pee Fetish 💦

18+ Watch Beautiful Forest Peeing At Barry Sidings 🌲 A Male With A Pee Fetish 💦