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I know what you are already thinking. I don't need to read another line on this page. What's to know? This is obvious, Mark is obsessed with sex, that's all he cares about and all he loves. He will be manipulative to get it, do whatever he can. He might not physically hurt me, but he might be evil and twisted when I'm with him and he wants it. He will just use me for it and what I do for him will never touch his heart. Please hold on for a moment... before you allow these thoughts to affect your judgement and force you to back out of this page and hate me forever. I will admit that even me writing these words upsets me. There is more to the eye than just my words.

Sex is important to me. If you ask me why then even I'm not completely sure at this point in time. I might do another article in the future once I have fully understood my own behaviours and physchology. Whenever I say sex is important to me, people think to themselves 'here we go again as if I haven't had enough of this to deal with'.

Sex is important to me, because its a two way thing that shows love, emotion and comfort.

Let me explain...

For me, sex is like a crucial starting point to see if a proper relationship could work. Something amazing that has potential to lead to something beautiful.

If I have sex with someone that has given consent and has told me they are "fine with it". Then all should be good. If that person doesn't stop loving sex but stops loving me then it tells me they weren't interested in the real me. Just the sex.

I know there are more appropriate and sensible modern ways of finding out if someone is committed to you than what I am doing. I just feel that my method works best for me.

Please be aware I do understand that people have the right to change their mind and people might stop being into sex for complex reasons. I feel that if this is true then that person would try to express love for you in a different way. If they never show any other love that is as good as the sex then maybe there is the possibility that they are using 'change' as an excuse to get rid of you.

I am going to be honest and admit that a big part of what I want with people is sexual. However, I am not interested in using people.

I will make the effort for more than just sex.

Going to the cinema, going for walks, going out for a meal, spending time with families, going for dates etc.

I know love is much bigger than sex. I know there is more to life, more to a person and definitely more to a woman than just sex.

I like being alone with someone knowing that I can say what I think and do what I know is possible.

When I am comfortable with someone and that person is comfortable with me then I know I can be myself and should be able to make an effort.

What's the point of trying and not being well received?

And if you are ever reading this Rosie K. My memories and my life with you has made me think of how you misunderstood me. I don't blame you for it.



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18+ Watch My Male Peeing POV 😍 Will Make You Cum ❤