My Solo Male Peeing Videos, For Your Eyes Only 😘

I love you Hi I'm Mark, thank you so much for viewing my website today. You have spotted me at a convenient time. I am bursting to go for a desperate pee right now and seeing as you have found me, you are welcome to come with me. You want to watch me pee?

I think we have found a perfect spot together that didn't take us too long to find. How are you feeling right now? Nervous? Naughty? Excited? I thought so, me too. Let's go over to those bushes over there, I don't think I can hold it in much longer...

A Quick Winter Pee In The Woods

Homemade peeing outdoors with my big penis in the woods.

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Are you feeling down? Lonely and lost in life? Maybe you just want to experience something unique, friendly and full of love that you haven't experienced on any other adult website?

Why not let me know what you think of my videos? I understand you right now, all you want to see is real content of just an average someone going for a desperate pee when he really needs to.

Feel free to email me

21+ years of age ONLY

Do You Need To Go Too?

I'm still here. I promise I won't watch you, unless you want me to. Whatever you can squeeze out. You can go at your own pace, I don't mind sticking around for a while and letting you know that everything is going to be alright. Are you too cold to go? That's a shame but maybe if we kiss a little, my warm lips can get you started. Is that better? I'm blushing to say that it is for me.

I can hear small droplets splashing on the leaves on the ground. I'm so happy that I have helped you relieve yourself a little. I know it's only a little bit of golden rain but one day you will be so comfortable and in love with me that it will turn into a golden shower.

I got all the time in the world for you. I can wait. Whatever you need I'm here.

Forever and always...

Want this Erotic pee fantasy story to come true? I don't mind sharing it with you for real if I get some free time to do so. Email me when you want your story to begin . Whether it's just talk and role play or whether it involves real content. It's always up to you...

Who Am I?

Hello there, my name is Mark. I am 24 years of age and I am male. I am situated in the UK and I love doing things that make other's happy.

What Is

I decided to take a chance on producing content on

I pee (answering the call of nature) +

I record myself (because it feels dirty and I pee outside a lot) +

I upload them here (for your eyes only)

= You have complete access to my videos. Free of charge and hopefully you are satisfied with them.

You can download them, you can please yourself over them. Whatever you want to do. Just please be respectful that I created them just for you :)

Video Thumbnails

homemade peeing outdoors penis long pee stream in forest quick winter pee in the woods my big penis in the woods

Why Do I Make My Videos?

It feels naughty but good at the same time. Peeing is one of the most natural things you can do in life but when done in secret or in a certain way, it is very erotic and I like having a peeing fetish.

There is no profit involved here, notice no ads on this site? I thought to myself why not share the love freely to anyone, anywhere that needs it.

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People that are having all the fun...

NerdyFaery - Solo peeing just like me, funny coincidence she also loves peeing in nature. I will admit I haven't fully checked out her videos yet, but how can I ever resist :)

JetsFan1983 - Amazing couple, they pretty much do everything.

Revolutionbr - I can't believe how much she loves drinking her boyfriend's pee. One day I might be this lucky :)

WettingCouple - Very homemade, really nice breasts covered in pee.

SexHubOne - Older but nice solo peeing in random places.

Still under development... this website is still under construction, I apologise for any issues or weird aesthetic choices.