2023-02-01 15s

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Tell me how much you love me. If you can prove to me that you are worth my time then maybe I will share with you the full unedited experience 😋


21+ years of age

Around the evening on a very casual day. I am out and about in the great outdoors. I come across a picnic table and I take a seat for a little while. I start thinking about my long day. I was so thirsty all day and now I think I have drunk too much water...

If I start peeing while I'm sitting down then I think my pee will trickle down my trousers and I will get very wet.

I stayed sitting (wriggling around) then I had a very delicate idea. If I kneel down on the picnic table bench then I can begin peeing under the table and onto the ground. I can stay roughly sitting and my pee will get drained away from my clothing.

Don't worry, I respect the rest of the public and any visitors that go to this picnic table. I made sure that I did not actually pee on the wood (I move closer to the ground whenever the pee stream isn't strong enough).

What came next was truly relieving and excellent. What do you want to watch me peeing under next?

[This is my first close distance shot of me peeing and I am very proud of it. I can definitely say that it looks as sexy as when I do the POV shots]



18+ Watch Excellent Outdoor Peeing 💦 Under A Picnic Table 😜

18+ Watch Excellent Outdoor Peeing 💦 Under A Picnic Table 😜